Beyond High School
A library of summer programs for high school students as well as a broad collection of college view books is located in the Vis. Com./D&I classroom. Any student who is enrolled in the Arts & Humanities Academy at the Career Center may check out these materials to bring home.

TIPS for effective Google searches: a MUST READ!


Brain Test: Are you a RIGHT brain or LEFT brain person?

YourFreeCareerTest: fast, easy career interest test

Assess your skills with VSAC VT Guidance Central

Career Interest Survey

Career Cluster Survey: What career field should you go into?:

College & Scholarship Checklist for High School Juniors & Seniors: VSAC


What's an Art School?: AICAD

Finding a School
THE search tool for choosing a college!!

College Scorecard: The White House college search tool Helpful rankings, reviews and tips colleges ranked and reviewed by students! Videos and insider feedback!

Finding Your Way: great resources from VSAC, including Gap Year info.

Profile Sheets for some art schools: VERY helpful, easy read

Rankings of Design Schools by US News & World Report

Checklist for Seniors: VSAC Calendar

Planning Guide: VSAC Search for schools, scholarships and more

Search for Schools (Art)

Find a School with Peterson's Guide online


Lion King: Music Composition, Choreography, Costuming, Lighting Design & COLLABORATION! (5 min)

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