Portfolio Resources

Your mid-term & final exams will be a review of your portfolio.

What do you need in your portfolio and in what order?

You should include the following, in this order:

  • Cover Page: Include your full name and the word 'Portfolio', remembering that your name is more important. Optional: include a professional-looking picture of yourself. The cover should be eye-catching without being overly distracting or busy.
  • 1 page for each of your art works (follow the portfolio page template)
  • Resume

For your resume, open a new document in Google docs (New - Google Docs). From there, go to 'File - New - From template.' Once you find a template, go to 'Save a copy' and name it Resume_YourFirstName. You can customize the document (feel free to cut sections like 'Career Objective' or 'Summary').

What should your portfolio look like?

  • Build your portfolio in InDesign
  • Export your portfolio as a PDF (File-Export-Save As- PDF Print) and name it Portfolio_YourFirstName.pdf) and share via Air Drop. Do not 'share' your Google document with me via the Google share settings.
  • I will be unable to view your portfolio if you send me the .indd file instead of the PDF. This will result in an 'F' for your exam grade.

Student Example: Nick
Student Example: Emma

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