Spring Assignments

SURVEY (contact & tech)!

Semester Two

QUARTER 3 (Jan. 24th - April 7th)
QUARTER 4 (April 10th - June 14th - ish)

How does a CD cover design reflect something about the music inside? Or, how can the design reflect something about the musician(s)?

For this project you will create two CD cover designs for your favorite musician or band!


  1. Assignment


  1. CD Dissection Instructions
  2. Dissection Checklist
  3. View an EXAMPLE
  4. Getting Started Worksheet
  5. Presentation Requirements


  1. CD Ai Template with inside
  2. CD Template (full): Illustrator Document
  3. Template for Ps: Inside
  4. Template for Photoshop: Outside
  5. CD Sticker Template!
  6. Mock up a digital version of your design!
  7. Copyright notice Copyright Notice: add to back cover
  8. FBI Anti-Piracy Logo & Statement
  9. Terms of Use: FBI Logo
  10. Anti-Piracy Statement
  11. CSS Drive Color Palette Generator: Download a pic from the web, upload a pic of your own or scan in

ANYTHING and this program will generate a color palette for you! (Can you say 'CRAZY?'!)

  1. Unsplash.com: a great resource for Public Domain images! (Thanks, Eben!) And also check out the Tools/Resources > Public Domain tab above on our wiki site.

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