Spring Assignments

SURVEY (contact & tech)!

Semester Two

QUARTER 3 (Jan. 24th - April 7th)
QUARTER 4 (April 10th - June 14th - ish)

How does a CD cover design reflect something about the music inside? Or, how can the design reflect something about the musician(s)?

For this project you will create two CD cover designs for your favorite musician or band!


  1. Assignment


  1. CD Dissection Instructions
  2. Dissection Checklist
  3. View an EXAMPLE
  4. Getting Started Worksheet
  5. Presentation Requirements


  1. CD Ai Template with inside
  2. CD Template (full): Illustrator Document
  3. Template for Ps: Inside
  4. Template for Photoshop: Outside
  5. CD Sticker Template!
  6. Mock up a digital version of your design!
  7. Copyright notice Copyright Notice: add to back cover
  8. FBI Anti-Piracy Logo & Statement
  9. Terms of Use: FBI Logo
  10. Anti-Piracy Statement
  11. CSS Drive Color Palette Generator: Download a pic from the web, upload a pic of your own or scan in

ANYTHING and this program will generate a color palette for you! (Can you say 'CRAZY?'!)

  1. Unsplash.com: a great resource for Public Domain images! (Thanks, Eben!) And also check out the Tools/Resources > Public Domain tab above on our wiki site.

Best of 2019: Billboard
Best of 2019: Paste Magazine
Worst of 2019: Exclaim
Best of 2018
Best Covers of 2017
Best and Worst of 2016
35 Album covers

If you were represented as a logo, what would you look like? Design a logo using your initials or parts of your name.

A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like. — Paul Rand

Once you have the hang of some of the new Ai tools and a basic understanding of logo design, you will design a logo for End of Life Services here in Addison County.

Logo interpretation from a 5 year old!
What makes a truly great logo?: Michael Beirut lays it down in 4:44
Logo Trends of 2019
Logo Trends of 2018


  1. 'Warmer, Fuzzier Logos': NY Times
  2. Assignment
  3. What do I do??

One-on-One Crit Instructions


  1. Video Tutorial: Intro. to Adobe Illustrator: Text
  2. View Video Tutorial: Intro. to Adobe Illustrator: Shapes
  3. Video Tutorial: Shape Builder and Touch Type Tools
  4. Video Tutorial: How to Download Fonts and Use Glyphs
  5. See examples on our class Pinterest board!
  6. Ai template
  7. Adjective List
  8. Glyphs to download: DesignModo.com
  9. The Noun Project: Icons for everything! Lisa has an account - ask her to download
  10. PrecisionIntermedia.com Color Meaning link
  11. ColorWheelPro.com: Color Meaning link

Inspiration & Tips:

  1. How to use negative space: Logos
  2. Logo Design Tips
  3. Logo Examples
  4. LogoLounge.com: great logos and graphic design trends!
  5. Logo Inspiration by LogoPond.com
    Presentation Documents:
Career Report Requirements
Presentation Evaluation

Poster Design Power Point


  1. Career Worksheet
  2. Go to (on the wiki): Tools/Resources - Career/College - Who Am I? - Assess your skills (VSAC)

Clipping Mask Tutorial

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