Spring Assignments

QUARTER 3 (Jan. 24th - April 7th)

DUE: Fri., Jan. 27th (PROTOTYPES: printed) for peer review

DUE: TBA (FINAL Logo Design, with revisions)


If you were represented as a logo, what would you look like? Design a logo using your initials or parts of your name.

A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like. — Paul Rand

Logo interpretation from a 5 year old!
What makes a truly great logo?: Michael Beirut lays it down in 4:44
Logo Trends of 2018


  1. 'Warmer, Fuzzier Logos': NY Times
  2. Assignment
  3. What do I do??
  4. Rubric

One-on-One Crit Instructions


  1. Video Tutorial: Intro. to Adobe Illustrator: Text
  2. View Video Tutorial: Intro. to Adobe Illustrator: Shapes
  3. Video Tutorial: How to Download Fonts and Use Glyphs
  4. See examples on our class Pinterest board!
  5. Ai template
  6. Adjective List
  7. Glyphs to download: DesignModo.com
  8. PrecisionIntermedia.com Color Meaning link
  9. ColorWheelPro.com: Color Meaning link

Inspiration & Tips:

  1. How to use negative space: Logos
  2. Logo Design Tips
  3. Logo Examples
  4. LogoLounge.com: great logos and graphic design trends!
  5. Logo Inspiration by LogoPond.com

QUARTER 4 (April 10th - June 14th - ish)

Can you design a virtual 3-D drink can, put it in an advertisement and make it look real?

Drink design fully complete and printed out!: Tues., April 26th (by the end of class)

May 1st - 5th SCHEDULE!: It has hyperlinks to tutorials and tools!


  1. Worksheet


  1. Assignment
  2. Rubric
  3. Setting up: To do/things to consider
  4. Tips For Building Your Art in Photoshop


  1. Add Splash and Interest: Photoshop Tutorial
  2. How To Start: Setting up your label art document in Photoshop
  3. Lisa's Ai Tutorial with written instructions
  4. Tutorial: Realistic shading on your can
  5. Video Tutorial: How to Build a 3-D Can in Ai
  6. Video Tutorial: How to 'Map' Your Art onto Your 3-D Can
  7. 3-D Bottle How-To
  8. How to create a transparent plastic soda bottle


  1. Professional Examples
  2. Pinterest board: Package Design
  3. Use this powerful color palette generating tool to help you with your color scheme:ColorSchemeDesigner.com
  4. Can Top - Image
  5. Backgrounds to use for layering in Photoshop!
  6. Pop-up Can Template: Ai

Inspiring package designs for drinks

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